Seeing Clearly: How to Pay for Your Eyeglasses with Optical Financing

The average price for a new pair of eyeglasses is $196.

Of course, depending on the manufacturer you select, the style you prefer and any special prescription needs you to require, that price can soar to $500 or more.

If spending that much money all at once has you seeing stars, there’s an alternative.

Optical financing allows you to pay for your glasses in installments, via a lease-to-own program. With manageable monthly payments, you can plan ahead more efficiently without fear of any surprise charges.

Today, we’re discussing this avenue in greater detail, breaking down why it’s an ideal option for those looking to procure the lenses they need for less.

Ready to learn more? Let’s take a look.

Why Pursue Optical Financing?

Have you ever wondered, “Why are eyeglasses so expensive?” Turns out, when you purchase your eyeglasses from a traditional, brick-and-mortar retailer, you aren’t just paying for the physical frame and lenses.

Rather, you’re also shelling out money to cover behind-the-scenes outsourcing work that you can’t see, including warehousing, licensing fees, manufacturing and more. This helps explain why the price tag can often leave your head spinning.

Our optical financing program partners with top optical retailers to help you slash those costs through a convenient lease to own setup. Here are a few benefits you can expect to enjoy.

Flexible Repayment Options

Do bi-weekly repayments work best for your schedule? Or, would you prefer semi-monthly to line up with your paycheck? Our plans are flexible to meet your needs and even include a 90-day early payment option to help you own your glasses more quickly. Or, if you need a little more time, we offer term options for up to 24 months.

Easy, Quick Approvals

Bad credit? No credit at all? We’ll work with you, either way.

Our lease-to-own program is ideal for those who are working to reclaim their financial footing. With no personal references required and a $1,500 max approval, you’re in the door quickly. Qualified customers can also purchase an additional approval amount at any time.

Opportunity to Rebuild Credit

As you make timely payments, we’ll report them to two of the top credit bureaus, Equifax and Transunion. Over time, this can help improve your credit score and improve your lending options down the road.

Okinus Care Plus Benefits

As a customer, you’ll also receive access to our Okinus Care Plus benefits program.

From protection benefits, including our involuntary unemployment payment waiver, to discounts on local dining and rental cars, the perks offer daily savings.

You can even get your much-needed glasses for less, with discounts of 35% off the normal retail price of frames and 20% off lens add-ons from participating providers.

See More Clearly, Starting Today

When you need eyeglasses, you don’t have time to jump through hoops, fill out extensive paperwork and wait for weeks to see if you’re approved.

Our optical financing program allows you to gain access to the lenses and frames you need as quickly as possible, with flexible repayment options you can manage.

Apply now to get started and let our vision drive yours.

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