How may I become a Certified Okinus retailer?

Request more information on our website ( ), or call 1.800.472.1334 and speak to one of our account managers.


What type of merchandise qualifies for Okinus’ lease-purchase program?

Okinus offers a wide selection of merchandise under its lease-purchase program including furniture, appliances, electronics and HVAC equipment. Call 1.800.472.1334 to speak to one of our customer service representatives if you have a question regarding the type of merchandise we offer through our lease-purchase program.


What does Okinus charge a retailer for its lease-purchase services?

There are no monthly fees to our retailer partners.  We help you increase your sales and profitability by selling more merchandise.  The only charge you may incur is when a sale occurs!  If there is a charge it is a small discount off the total invoice.  The amount of the discount will depend upon the lease-purchase program offered to your customers (e.g. early payment option).


What is unique about Okinus’ lease-purchase program?

Okinus offers:

  • Higher approval amounts with lower income requirements
  • Multiple lease options – no initial payment or fixed monthly payments
  • Leasing terms up to 24 months with more affordable payments
  • Approval of approximately 60% of bank turn-downs
  • Superior customer service


Why do I need a lease-purchase program?

There are over 60 million individuals in the U.S. with a credit score of 650 or less (“the credit-challenged consumers”) who don’t qualify for traditional financing. Many of these individuals visit your store regularly but do not make a purchase because they can’t afford the cash price, so they shop at a retailer that accommodates their current credit situation by providing them with alternatives to traditional financing such as Okinus’ lease-purchase program.


Does Okinus provide marketing support?

Yes, we provide in-store marketing materials, links to your website, logo and messaging support for print and we may contribute to CO-OP marketing campaigns (depending on your store volume).


I have a busy store and can’t afford to spend the time with one customer walking through a long process. Is Okinus’ system fast and easy to use?

Yes, the customer fills out a one-page online application in the store or from the comfort of their home using our website. Once submitted, the customer will be notified of their purchasing power in less than 10 seconds.  Once the customer has selected the items they want you simply input the items into our retailer portal and create the lease agreement.