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Need New Glasses but With Poor Credit Scores? Think Bad Credit Financing

According to the vision council, 75% of American adults use some form of eye correction. Approximately 64% of them wear eyeglasses, while 11% wear contact lenses, exclusively or with eyeglasses. Unfortunately, all these options require money.

You may not have a perfect credit score, but that doesn’t mean you’re not eligible to get financing. If your glasses are overdue for an upgrade and you don’t have the money on hand to purchase them outright, consider looking into bad credit financing options.

Eyewear Can Be Quite Pricey

According to Vision Service Plan, the average cost of eyeglasses in the US is approximately $196. The price may vary significantly depending on the manufacturer, special prescription, and the style you prefer. Standard, metal allow frames may set you back an average of $159 with designer frames attracting over $500 on the price tag.

Finding quality, optical eyeglasses can be prohibitively expensive, especially for one with a low credit score. Banks and credit facilities may be hesitant to finance your corrective eyewear. Nearly 157 million Americans are in credit card debt. Additionally, more than 31% of the adult population has low credit scores.

Enter Bad Credit Financing

Bad credit financing for optical glasses allows you to pay for your glasses in installments. Okinus’ optical financing program partners with top optical retailers and vendors that allow you to access a convenient lease to own set up. Flexible bad credit financing options such as zero-down financing make it easier for you to make regular monthly payments to own a pair of quality eyeglasses.

Here are four reasons why you should consider bad credit financing for your eyewear.

Quick Approvals

Bad credit financing typically has a less stringent approval process than traditional credit facilities. Your credit score may not affect the approval of your application. You may not have to wait for several weeks for the bank or credit company to approve your loan. Next-day optical financing ensures that you receive your new glasses as soon as possible.

Improve Your Credit Ratings

Lease-to-own programs for optical finance can diversify your credit profile. You can utilize your monthly repayments to the optical retailer to rebuild your credit history. Okinus Credit Solutions partners with leading credit bureaus providing reports on your repayments. You can gradually improve your credit score and increase the lending options available to you in the future.

Access Quality Eyewear

A common concern for optometrists is a worrying trend of patients opting for low-quality, over-the-counter eyewear over prescribed eyeglasses. Bad credit financing allows you to get into a flexible lease-to-own program for optical glasses without compromising on quality. Besides, opting for substandard eyewear may only exacerbate your vision problems.

Flexible Repayment Options

Bad credit financing through Okinus Credit Solutions grants you an opportunity to decide the best way to pay for your eyewear. You can opt for bi-weekly payments or semi-monthly payments that align with your paycheck. You can also choose a 90-day early payment program that allows you to own your glasses faster than anticipated. If you require additional time, you can get a no-credit needed financing of up to 24 months.

Finding quality eyewear can be prohibitively expensive, especially for individuals with low credit scores. Bad credit financing allows you to enter into a lease-to-own program with flexible payment schedules to you sort out your eye problems. Apply for optical financing through Okinus Credit Solutions today.