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Everything You Should Know About Optical Financing

Eyeglasses are an essential item that improves our daily lives. It’s critical that when you are in need of a new pair of eyeglasses, you don’t delay it too long as that could hinder your vision.

Eyeglasses can be expensive. Oftentimes, insurance does not cover them or it only covers them up to a small amount. On average, eyeglasses can cost $196. Sometimes, they can even be as expensive as $500+ depending on the manufacturer. Lease to own is a great way to be able to wear your eyeglasses while you are paying them off. This allows you to pay for your glasses with installments while rebuilding credit. With smaller monthly payments, you’ll be able to plan ahead more efficiently.

Is Optical Financing For Me?

If you are working towards rebuilding credit, optical financing is a good option to consider. Since you are making smaller and more manageable payments each month on your glasses, it is reported to credit bureaus. There are also early payment options that will allow you to get ahead on your payments.

Futhermore, eyeglasses are essential and they can potentially damage your vision to go too long without them. Since the overall cost of eyeglasses can get high, paying small amounts per month may be the best option for you.

How Okinus Helps

Okinus offers options for people in need of eyeglasses. Some options include:

  • Credit approvals for people who have bad or no credit
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Up to 24 month financing options
  • No personal references required

Okinus understands the lengthy process of rebuilding credit. That’s why they offer these options and more to help you lease to own the items you need. Needing eyeglasses is an urgent matter. Okinus optical financing program allows you to gain access to the lenses and frames you need as quickly as possible, with flexible payment options that you can customize.


Rebuilding credit can take a while and eyeglasses can be expensive. Optical financing is a good alternative to purchasing eyeglasses as you can make manageable monthly payments. Okinus allows you to customize your payment plans so that you can better manage your budget. Seeing the world clearly is important, but so is managing your finances. You can apply for optical financing today if you are in need of a lease to own program.