Optical Financing

Choosing Glasses to Flatter Your Face Shape

Whether you want spare glasses for fashion’s sake or you’re seeking your very first pair, make sure the glasses you choose will polish your image and give you the carefree confidence you need before you limit yourself by price alone. We offer a variety of optical financing options including lease-purchase so that you can treat yourself to the glasses you love most.

Fashion Feature and Sound Investment

Of the more than 194 million eyeglass wearers in the United States, 164 million of them wear glasses or combine glasses with contacts. With so many optical financing options available, buying more than one pair of glasses at a time makes sense. You can select frames to match your favorite accessories or choose a daytime and evening-wear option. You can even pick frames that can withstand vigorous outdoor activities like running, hiking, and climbing.

Going job-hunting anytime soon? Whether it is fair or not, interviewers view eyeglass wearers as more professional, better educated, and more serious about the position they seek. Why not use every advantage available to you and buy a pair specifically for your career? Our optical financing options, including lease-purchase, will make your investment easy to afford.

Find Your Face Shape

Your jawline, forehead, and cheekbones all help determine your basic face shape. In addition to the oval, round, and square face shapes, some people have diamond, pear, or heart-shaped faces. People with diamond faces have wider cheekbones and a narrower forehead and chin. Pear faces have a narrow forehead as well, but with a wider jaw. Finally, heart-shaped faces have broad foreheads, attention-grabbing cheekbones, and narrower chins. There are specific frames for every single one of these basic face shapes, and we have optical financing options to ensure that you can buy the frames you want most, regardless of your credit history.

Not sure what you like best? No problem! Once you pick the frames that intrigue you most, go ahead! Buy more than one pair. Take advantage of our optical financing options and get the frames that make your heart sing, even if they do not match the recommended frame styles.

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