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Questions To Ask Before Using Jewelry Store Financing

If you want to buy jewelry for a friend or loved one but can’t afford the out-of-pocket expense, consider financing the purchase.

4 Alternatives to In-Store Jewelry Financing

Interested in jewelry financing? Here’s how the flexible payments from Okinus can help you meet your goals.

5 Reasons to Avoid Used Furniture

Trust in Okinus to help you find the best new furniture with zero down furniture leasing.

What to Know As a First-Time Lease Purchase Customer

Flexible lease purchase programs are a convenient way to buy what you need. For more information, reach out to Okinus today.

4 Elements to Rebuilding Credit

Rebuilding credit is not impossible. Rely on Okinus to help guide you on your financial journey today.

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Items You Can Buy Using Lease Purchase Programs

It is possible to acquire household items, accessories, and appliances through bad credit financing. That means you don’t have to worry about your credit score or history. Lease purchase programs also have timely approval for the process.

A Student’s Guide to Acquiring a Laptop through Appliance Financing

Laptop financing is essential for busy college students and hard-working young professionals. Rely on these tips to make the most of your purchase.

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4 Options for Buying Essentials When You Have Bad Credit

Where does bad credit come from? Contrary to what some people may believe, bad credit is often no one’s fault. Health problems, layoffs or cut hours, and family emergencies can all lead to spending that cannot be avoided coupled with

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A Guide on Lease Purchase Financing

Whether you’re looking for water heating financing or just trying to improve the appearance of your home, rely on Okinus to make your house a home.

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Customer Financing: More Than Just A Convenient Way To Buy What You Need

If you have been looking for a more convenient method of buying what you need, check out these quick facts about customer financing.