Bad Credit? Financing Options For Homeowners

Home ownership can be an expensive ordeal, as bills, maintenance, and other expenses can put quite a dent in the wallet. Furniture and appliances are some of the most expensive household items. And since 50% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck, furnishing one’s home on a budget can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, homeowners now have the option of financing for furniture. Rent to own furniture is taking the furniture industry by storm and allowing homeowners to pay monthly rent for items such as the living room couch. This type of furniture financing alleviates the burden of paying full price upfront. Furthermore, even items like optical wear can be financed through rent-to-own agreements.

Appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers can also be obtained through rent to own programs. HVAC financing is popular, as well, especially since the average HVAC unit lasts only 12 years. These flexible financing options available allow people to rebuild their credit, helping to provide relief for the nearly 43 million Americans with a poor FICO score under 599.

Rebuilding Your Credit Through Financing For Furniture

Not surprisingly, after a house and car, furniture is one of the most expensive purchases someone will make in their lifetime. Therefore, it only makes sense for homeowners to be able to finance these items. Financing for furniture is one of the most common ways to effectively rebuild and establish a viable credit score.

Flexible financing is one of the hallmarks of the rent to own trend, allowing those with low credit scores to receive approval in a simple, straightforward process. This program gives those with poor credit the opportunity to rebuild and finance their life in a way that works for them. One of the most prominent reasons many Americans have bad credit is due to the nearly 157 million Americans who are currently in credit card debt.

Financing For Optical Wear

Optical wear like eyeglasses are another expensive yet important aspect of one’s life and well-being. It is estimated that 40% of Americans wear glasses, which is quite a large segment of the population. Furthermore, custom prescription lenses can cost upwards of $500 in some cases — thus, financing is a viable option for many.

Similar to furniture financing, optical financing allows people to build their credit and receive prescription glasses that are vital to one’s health and well-being. Through optical financing, customers are able to pay for their glasses or other eyewear in small amounts monthly, instead of paying in full upfront.

When you finance through Okinus credit solutions, you will receive approval even with a low credit score, and harness the ability to rebuild your credit, and improve your financial well-being.

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