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Flexible Lease-Purchase Options with Okinus

It can be difficult to get ahead when your financial situation is holding you back. If your credit is in disrepair, or your situation does not allow you access traditional financing, then Okinus can help. We offer a range of lease purchase options for new furniture, electronics, appliances, HVAC systems, and more that provides you with flexibility so that you can enjoy the things that are important to you in life. Rebuild your credit the easy way with Okinus.

Whether you are in need of credit for a HVAC system or are interested new jewelry so that you can surprise a loved one, Okinus provides a range of lease-purchase options that will help you reach your goals. Let us assist you with an instant approval even if you have no credit history. To find out more about our options call us today at (229) 405-6656.

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Flexible Lease-Purchase Options

At Okinus, our goal is to provide families with easy access to fast, flexible options to lease-purchase high-quality merchandise at an affordable price while rebuilding credit. Are you currently in the market for new living room furniture? We can help. Or did your HVAC unit finally give out during the summer months? We can help. The good news is you finally have instant access to bring home what you want when you need it – with no credit needed financing.

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Okinus provides options to customers who really need it. Instant approvals help good people bring home what they want when they need it—with no credit needed.


Okinus’ lease-purchase programs allow you to obtain the merchandise you want when you need it without having to pay the cash price up front – with no credit necessary. 


Learn more about our higher approval amounts and lower income requirements, multiple lease options, terms up to 24 months, early payment options, and affordable payments.

About Us

Okinus (oh-kin-us) is a fast and friendly lease-purchase program provider that offers instant approvals of up to $8,000 with no credit needed. We provide much-needed options to consumers who really need it. Our approvals help good people bring home what they want, when they need it – with no embarrassment of rejection or long waits for approvals.

We understand that many good people may have not-so-great credit. Our founder grew up in the furniture and financing businesses. Having seen hard-working individuals struggle for basic comforts, he decided to do something to help, so in 2004, Okinus was created with those exact families in mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide credit challenged consumers with easy access to bad credit financing with flexible lease-purchase programs providing quality merchandise at an affordable price while enabling them to rebuild their credit.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide qualified credit challenged consumers with an exceptional lease-purchase experience: (an easy application, technology of their choice, clear and secure payment methods, customer service with a smile and fast delivery) enabling them to lease quality merchandise at an affordable price over and over again.

Why Use Okinus

At Okinus, our goal is to provide Lease-Purchase options for quality merchandise at an affordable price!

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Karl Berry

Okinus increased my finance sales from 15% to 50%. Today 66% of my sales are Okinus customers. They have two customers – the retailer and the customer; and they do a great job at providing the best service to both.

Bob Lovinger. President, Flexxbuy

As an Okinus retailer, you may not know what you have. You may have other choices for your no credit lease to own customers, but Okinus has proven time and again to be the hungriest of the bunch. They are

Everett Wills

Our favorite ‘No Credit Needed’ provider…always helpful and considerate and willing to go the extra mile. Their approval process is smooth and they always provide exceptional service.

Twilla Fleming

Customer Service Representatives are always very helpful and pleasant to work with. When I was out of work, they set up a payment plan so I could pay on my account in a timely manner. I have never seen a